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Helping the poor chidren of varying disabilities by forms of charities, building support.
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Nicolas Mégias
(Lausanne, Switzerland)
Hearing Impaired
WANIMAS-3D Editions
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Brief Life Sketch: Nicolas Mégias

My name is Nicolas Megias ; I love informatics, graphics and video since 1995. I have a lot of experience now and I am able to use Adobe After Effects, too. It’s a pack of knowledge that is really useful and even mandatory now, in our world of communication !

Beside, I create comics strips (my story are very short : in three panels) under the generic title « Deaf & Confusions ».

These days, I am working with a deaf friend on a very interesting project : creating short video films that have in common the central figure of Charlie Chaplin.

I love to travel around the whole world and meeting people : that enable me to understand how everybody is living on our planet. For exeample, Sakeela helped me to discover her country.

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